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About us

Haikou Minlinsen Trading Co., Ltd is a professional company focus on watch band product export business, 

such as: Apple watch band, Huawei watch band, Samsung watch strap, Fitbit watch wristband, Garmin watch band,etc. 

We are a passionate and creative company with rich industry experience and a high sense of service.

We keep up with fashion trends and work closely with domestic and foreign partners to strive for 

perfection in material selection, design style and manufacturing process.

In addition to the product itself, we also attach great importance to establishing a solid and long-term 

cooperative relationship with our customers.

We know that only through close communication and understanding with customers can we continuously 

improve products and meet their needs.

Therefore, we are devoted to act our slogan “ integrity, quality and innovation”. 

Whether it's quality, design or customer experience, we strive for excellence.

We believe that driven by continuous efforts and innovation, our smart watch bands will 

become a famous brand in the industry and win the love and trust of clients. 

Welcome to inquiry :)


Wholesale price:

We offer extremely competitive wholesale price, simply contact us with your interested item & 

we will sort out all your requirements for you !



We can customize any items from your wanted ideas from logo, colours, materials, packaging etc. 

Any customization is welcomed, contact our professional sales team for more details !



We working with strong design manufacturer who are strong supplier of Amazon shops, 

Global famous brands, with many patent certificates, ISO, CE, etc. 

We can help with your design as well as customize your product from sketch to sample 

then to mass production !


Low MOQ:

With large quantity in stock, normally 10pcs/color/model, for a first order of stock product.

We understand your concern about new supplier, trial order with small quantity are welcomed 

to test us. Welcome to inquiry us and get special support :)

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Strict quality control system:

We look forward to long-term and stable cooperation. Strictly quality control for each procedure 

from sourcing to production. Choosing large material and accessories factories to maintain stable 

quality we need. Factory QC workers check the quality before/during/after production. 

100% inspection before delivery.

We can assure that best quality goods are provided for every customer.

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Update new product frequently:

In the consumer electronics industry, especially for products with decorative effects, 

people tend to prefer new attractive and creative things. We update new product every weekly. 

Welcome to contact us to see new coming in the market :)





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